New 'Mass Effect' Trailer Offers Best Look Yet at the Big Bad

The Pathfinder team is in for a nasty surprise. 

So far, Mass Effect: Andromeda story details have been sparse as BioWare leaves us guessing on what this new space saga might have in store. A new teaser released today gave us some new things to think about though, namely in the form of Archon, the game’s big bad.

As the Pathfinder team sets out for Habitat 7, a planet showing great promise for settlement, Kett Archon shows up, and he doesn’t seem to be the friendly face the team was searching for. In fact, Archon traps their ship and greets them with an ominous “surrender or burn.” He certainly looks menacing as he shows off his (possibly biotic?) powers. Our heroes aren’t keen on giving in that easily though, and it looks as though there are some other more benevolent aliens willing to help out the weary travelers. Based on gameplay footage from the Game Awards, these new allies look to be called the Angara.

BioWare also revealed a new Andromeda Initiative video that gives a closer look at the Pathfinder Team.

Alec Ryder is the ark’s leader, and he’s accompanied by his children who also happen to be the game’s playable characters, Sarah and Scott Ryder. Liam Costa, featured in both the trailer and the Initiative video, is a crisis response specialist. Cora Harper, the narrator, also finally introduces herself as a biotic and the crew’s operations specialist.

Perhaps the most telling detail, though, is the ship’s A.I., SAM. Each team member has a neural implant that allows them to communicate with the ship when they are off doing ground missions. Judging by a diagram in the briefing, it looks like the new class-switching feature is controlled by the A.I., as SAM grants Ryder “tactical enhancements.”

Mass Effect: Andromeda launches on March 21 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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