Deadpool Will Always Mock the X-Men Movie Timeline

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Despite the continuing confusion surrounding the X-Men movie timeline, Deadpool 2 will remain immune to the pull of the larger X-Men Cinematic Universe. Or at least that’s what the screenwriters say in a new interview in The Hollywood Reporter.

The complexity of the X-Men cinematic timeline has become something of a joke among comic book fans, and that joke wasn’t lost on the people behind 2016’s Deadpool. One of Wade’s best jokes was asking which Professor he was on his way to meet, “McAvoy or Stewart?”

The fact that McAvoy held the Professor X role in 2016 for X-Men: Apocalypse, while Stewart is gearing up for another turn as the mutant headmaster in March’s Logan proves just how confusing this whole X-Universe situation has gotten.

Luckily, the writers behind Deadpool 2 know just exactly how Deadpool fits into the larger mutant universe timeline, which is to say he doesn’t really.

“What’s nice is Deadpool exists in his own universe. He’s part of the larger X-Men universe, but in a way he isn’t,” screenwriter Paul Wernick told the publication. “ He interacts with that world but he is in the present. We don’t deal with the ‘60s or the ‘70s or the future. It’s here and now.” Wernick is referring both to the X-Men: First Class trilogy which begins in the 60s, and X-Men: Days of Future Past which takes place in both the future and the 70s.

Ultimately, Wernick and the Deadpool 2 team believe that the timeline is something to have fun with, and something they specifically can play around with because Deadpool himself is fourth-wall breaking loon who lives completely in the present. “So yeah, I do think that timelines are something that we can make fun of and don’t have to be slave to.”

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