New 'Logan' Poster Zooms Right Into Wolverine's Bloodshot Eyes

Logan, Hugh Jackman’s alleged final film as Wolverine, has been pumping out promotional materials for weeks. By now, most Marvel fans understand that the film will pull double duty, ushering an old, bitter Wolverine out the door while he struggles to mentor X-23, a young mutant clone who exhibits the same rage that he always was. The newest Logan poster sets X-23, aka Laura, aside for the moment, focusing instead on Hugh Jackman’s weathered, bloodshot face. This version of Wolverine, as they say, has seen some shit.

Although most of the released Logan stills, postcards, and trailers have leaned heavily on the film being an R-rated story about desperation, Marvel has sprinkled several moments of levity into its promotions. Logan yelling at Laura for stealing candy and sunglasses just before stealing something himself, for example, suggests some dark humor.

However, the root of Hugh Jackman’s final performance as Logan will likely be raw, untethered emotion. As fans of the source comic know, Old Man Logan’s emotions are as tattered and raw as his overworked body. This latest poster confirms that much.

Logan hits theaters March 3.

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