Jon Snow Will Fight White Walkers With Gendry in 'GoT' Season 7


Jon Snow and Gendry Waters have always had something very specific in common on Game of Thrones: They’re both bastards with King’s blood. When Gendry fucked off in a boat for four seasons, it seemed this intriguing thread would remain unexplored — but a new set report suggests that plotline is going to be front and center again in the upcoming Season 7.

Vary’s little birds — a.k.a. eagle-eyed Thrones fans — had already reported that Joe Dempsie, who plays Gendry, will return to Game of Thrones at last in Season 7. While it wasn’t clear exactly what role he would play in the wars to come, it sure is nice to have another long-lost character join the likes of The Hound and Benjen Stark.

But now it seems that in Season 7, the two bastards with King’s blood might join forces for an important mission: Fighting the White Walkers. Thanks to a Kit Harington set sighting and some enterprising fan sleuthing that links the sequence he’s currently filming with a previous sequence, we can be reasonably sure that when Gendry fucks off in a boat for the second time, he’ll be with Jon Snow and the two will be White Walker bound.

As Season 6 finally revealed the mythology behind the White Walkers origins, it’s entirely possible that Season 7 will reveal further information that ties the significance of King’s Blood into the question of how to defeat them.

Does this mean the eerie Night’s King will raise his arms at Gendry too?

Season 7 will reveal all. For now, expect the show’s next buddy-cop road trip pairing to be A Tale of Two Bastard Kings.

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