Twitter is Freaking Out About Barry and Iris on 'The Flash'

People love "WestAllen" even when one of them continues to die over and over.


The mid season premiere of the CW’s The Flash might have predicted a grim future for the gang, but Twitter paid very little heed to that. Most of the online action surrounding the premiere belonged to one thing and one thing only: Barry Allen and Iris West’s burgeoning romance.

The official ‘ship (fandom shorthand for “relationship”) name for Barry and Iris on The Flash is “WestAllen.” The two have been dancing around each other since the beginning of the series, and Barry’s been in love with Iris for as long as he can remember. And while the pair are firmly in love in the current timeline, Barry and Cisco’s trip to the near future showed them following that path even more than before.

Twitter was obsessed with the romance and general domesticity of Barry and Iris’s relationship in the future. They live in a giant loft, snuggle on the couch, and generally break the hearts of every pro-WestAllen shipper.

And even the people who don’t outright ship it were willing to admit that their relationship is “cute.”

Much of the internet is aggressively pro-Iris as a person in general outside of her relationship with Barry.

But, of course, the most vital news of the evening was that H.R., Harrison Wells’s otherworldly self, gave Barry and Iris a pet turtle. Let the jokes begin.

So while many characters might be in mortal danger, body and soul, let’s not forget the little things, like the importance of being with the ones you love.

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