Science Twitter's 10 Best Anti-Trump #USofScience Tweets

Since Trump has done most of his policy announcing on Twitter, they might even have an effect.

Getty Images / Alex Wong

During Donald Trump’s inauguration, scientists from across the globe took to tweeting about their research using the hashtag #USofScience, both as a form of protest and to draw attention to the necessity of scientific research.

Some scientists used Gary Larson comics, pictures of their research, or directly responded to President Trump’s inaugural address. Although the tweets represented all areas of scientific research, some of the most biting tweets focused on research in climate change — an area of science that President Trump has denied and has now deleted from the page. A number of students and professors tweeted about the need for science education and literacy to understand the changing world.

A number of the tweets directly addressed Donald Trump, some actually by twitter handle, and some more circumspectly. The approaches to engaging President Trump on these issues differed. Some tried appealing to his love of money and the economy.

Others went right towards President Trump’s sense of self-interest.

And with Trump re-using his “buy American and hire American” line, there was some interesting data shared on the value of national lands as a source for American jobs.

Talking about potential policy decisions — including his cabinet appointments, brought out some fun facts.

Some scientists responded directly to Trump’s inaugural address, particularly in light of the necessity of acting on climate change.

And many took the time to point out that even research that might not seem immediately applicable is essential for trying to predict how the environment will react.

There was more than a little bit of dark humor on the subject of climate change.

Finding a way to deal with climate change is a major part of scientific research. We’re going to need this.

Especially in light of the climate destruction that is happening all around, scientists are scrambling to see if these ecosystems can recover.

This isn’t the only way scientists are working to draw attention to their work and the detriments posed to scientific discovery posed by the Trump presidency.

The Women’s March on Washington on Saturday is likely to be one of the largest protests in United States history, as demonstrators walk for a variety of issues, including climate change, women’s issues, and racial and gender equality.

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