Pierce Brosnan as Cable in 'Deadpool 2'? Everybody Chill Out

Marvel Comics

Ryan Reynolds is a recognized master of using social media to promote his work, particularly Deadpool. When he posted a new photo on Instagram this week — depicting Logan star Hugh Jackman, himself, and British ex-James Bond Pierce Brosnan — for some reason, the internet immediately concluded that Brosnan will be involved in Deadpool 2, playing Cable. Is that true, though?

Since the photo of the three actors was posted, Twitter and comic book press have lit up with questions about whether or not the British actor will play one of Deadpool’s mutant buddies, if not Deadpool’s best mutant buddy. A quick glance at Twitter reveals that fans are not at all pleased with the possible rumor, with some even suggesting that Brosnan playing Cable will single-handedly ruin the upcoming Deadpool 2, despite the fact that no official casting announcement has even been made.

Despite the seemingly innocent photo, Twitter has been flooded with furious fans venting their frustration.

(They have not officially cast Brosnan.)

Maybe pray to the Young Pope?

Despite the less-than-thrilled reaction from Deadpool fans on Twitter, various media publications have jumped on the news, hungry for any hint regarding one of the most exciting casting developments in superhero news. Many publications have even circulating a quickly drawn-up fan illustration of Brosnan in the Cable role, which ComicBook.com commissioned.

Prior to Brosnan’s (possible) casting, candidates for the role have included Stephen Lang, Keira Knightley, Dolph Lundgren, to John Cena, but until the Instagram photo, nobody has once suggested the former James Bond actor for the role.

While it’s exciting to connect Brosnan to the Cable role, simply thanks to the fact that there are two other Marvel mutants in the photo, it’s probably good to first consider whether or not Brosnan would even be good for the role in the first place.

Despite his gruff appearance in most comic interpretations, Cable is a highly sophisticated intellectual who carries himself with poise, and he’s not always armed to the teeth with guns. In that respect, Brosnan would bring a touch of class to the gruff looking character, who definitely shares more physical similarities to actors like Lundgren.

However, one could argue that Keira Knightley could also bring the same level of class to the character, and be an even more surprising choice for the role (which would be exactly what Reynolds and the Deadpool team wants).

You can't deny that this looks awesome.

Still, until Reynolds or someone else involved in Deadpool 2 makes an official casting announcement, we can file Pierce Brosnan’s sudden entry into the Cable race as pure speculation. To be perfectly frank, Cable will be a hard character to cast, because his design as a silver-haired, buff, gunslinger who is also highly intelligent is kind of a hard mold to match completely.

Deadpool 2 will hit theaters in 2018.