'Deadpool 2' Still Searching for Badass Actor to Play Cable

Ryan Reynolds is gearing up his superhero sequel, Deadpool 2 for production, but he’s still missing a vital character for the film: Cable.

In an interview with MTV at this year’s Golden Globes, Reynolds revealed that Deadpool 2 is still looking for an actor (or actress) to play Cable in the upcoming sequel. “Still working on it; everybody’s still working on it. We’re not gonna start ‘til we’re ready,” revealed the actor in regards to a Cable casting. Despite early rumors of potential candidates, including actor Kyle Chandler (Bloodline) being supposedly up for the role, casting news fell silent after the film changed directors.

After the success of the first Deadpool, there’s a lot of pressure on Deadpool 2 to exceed the expectations of the first film. While Reynolds maintains that the film will keep with the first film’s modest production, the film will no doubt benefit from the increased exposure after the massive success of Deadpool.

The sequel intends to add a host of favorite Deadpool characters like mutant mercenary Domino, and time-travelling mutant savior Cable. The latter mutant in particular is a favorite with Deadpool fans thanks to the two’s popular comic book series Cable & Deadpool.

While the roles for both Domino and Cable haven’t been cast yet, fans have listed a few actors they would like to see for Cable including Chandler, Stephen Lang, and Keira Knightley.

However, as it stands, Reynolds and co. still don’t have an actor for Cable. Here’s hoping that Reynolds could use the Cable casting as a way to surprise viewers, maybe by actually casting Keira Knightley.