Wolverine Says "Holy Fuck" in the Red Band 'Logan' Trailer

20th Century Fox

After months of waiting, the second trailer for Logan has released, and shortly after that, the much more entertaining Red Band trailer released. Unlike the first trailer where the Red Band showed off Logan’s R-rated violence, the second mature trailer settles for letting Logan say “holy fuck,” as well as a fun surprise scene from Professor X not found in the green trailer.

The new Logan trailer skips Johnny Cash’s moody rendition of “Hurt” for a more kinetic tone, showcasing Laura’s fighting abilities and Logan’s badassery. There’s also a ton of cool details revealed in the new trailer like the fact that the world Logan, Professor X, and Laura live in somehow also has X-Men comic books, and that Logan takes up cigar chomping again. However, it’s Hugh Jackman’s subdued expletive when he finally sees Laura in killing mode that takes the cake.

Logan speaks for all of us when he lets out a “holy fuck.”

There are some other small differences in the Red Band trailer. Professor X is given a slightly longer monologue towards the end of this trailer, where he muses on life (presumably towards the end of his own).

Ironically, the Red Band trailer cuts out some of the action scenes seen in the other trailer, but it more than makes up for it with a quick scene towards the end with a decidedly crotchety old Professor X complaining about the road trip and laments that while Laura is “11 years old, I’m fucking 90.”

Logan slices into theaters March 3, 2017.

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