Marvel's Bucky and Black Widow Out-Sexed Batman This Week

Nobody at either DC or Marvel would admit to competing against each other in comic sales each week, but sometimes the overlap in titles is hard to ignore. This week, DC released Batman #15, which focuses almost entirely on Batman and Catwoman enjoying the rooftop sex that always follows their sexy barb-trading, which has defined the last few issues of Batman. In Marvel’s corner the Winter Soldier, aka James “Bucky” Barnes, and Black Widow, aka Natasha Romanoff, reflected on their rocky, intense courtship before kissing.

Which comic was better? It’s debatable. Which comic was sexier? Marvel’s Black Widow #10 by a long-shot.

Bucky and Natasha, unlike Bruce and Selina, have the advantage of being the newer couple in comics. Though Batman and Catwoman, who apparently call each other “Bat” and “Cat,” have a long and twisted history of getting each other off and also screwing each other over, Bucky and Natasha’s slow-burn attraction is shiny and new.

They also touch each other more carefully than Bruce and Selina, who, again, are long-time fuck buddies. That tentative tone makes Black Widow, an intergalactic spy caper, even more exciting.

That’s not to say that Batman and Catwoman’s rendezvous is boring, however! After presumably having sex and cuddling with a shirtless Bruce Wayne, Selina gets up, flirts with Bruce again while putting on her catsuit, and falls off the roof, daring him to save her. That’s just classic Cat and Bat.

Batman #15 and Black Widow #10 are both available at comics retailers and online.

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