'Captain Marvel' Draped a U.N. Flag Over An Alien Refugee

Marvel Comics

Carol Danvers’s Captain Marvel is still reeling a little bit after the events of Civil War II, but that’s not stopping her and her Alpha Flight team from protecting those in need in Marvel’s new Mighty Captain Marvel series.

This post contains spoilers for Mighty Captain Marvel #1.

The first issue of Captain Marvel’s new series shows that Carol Danvers is taking the president’s promise of unlimited resources after Civil War II to the fullest extent. With the Alpha Flight team at her back, Carol is saving the world once again.

Alpha Flight’s base circles above Earth, now funded by a trashy TV show about Captain Marvel, the most popular and well-known hero in the world. Carol isn’t too happy about said TV show (“Cap’n Marvel”), which has her character making out with “Hero Man” in the middle of a fight. It’s the exact kind of thing that makes Carol’s skin crawl, but, luckily, she gets called away on assignment by the president just in time.

The president’s call brings Captain Marvel to an Eastern European refugee camp for aliens (literal, off-planet aliens) in search of a kidnapped, blue-skinned Kree child. Upon arrival, she discovers that the kidnapper has phyharmed several of the refugees. Her immediate response is to grab the United Nations flag and drape it over the shoulders of one of the older aliens in an act of heavy handed symbolism.

The shape-shifting kidnapper throws the child into an escape pod (supposedly to take her somewhere for some mysterious purpose) but is stopped by Captain Marvel at the last second. She takes the child to Alpha Flight’s space station to keep it safe and figure out where to go from there. The child’s name is soon revealed to be “Hala,” but Carol decides to call her “Bean.”

There’s some cute interaction with a few of the Alpha Flight team members, but things quickly go south when Captain Marvel has to meet with the Alpha Flight Low-Orbit Space Station Board — which includes Captain America and Black Panther — to discuss funding. And it all comes back to what Black Panther calls “that unfortunate show,” much to Carol’s ire.

The final page of the issue shows the former kidnapper standing outside an alien refugee camp in Prague and taking on the form of Captain Marvel with its shape-shifting powers. It looks like there will be hell to pay in the near future for Carol as she deals with the aftermath of this mysterious villain.

Mighty Captain Marvel #1 is now available.