Superman's New Costume Might Be His Best One Yet


Superman’s costume may be the most iconic outfit in all of comic book history, but some of its elements feel too old century. Bright blue spandex and red underwear — which apparently wasn’t underwear at all! — come from circus strongmen that don’t fit with 21st century heroism. But now in 2017, it seems DC finally got it right.

Set to debut in Superman #20 and Action Comics #977, Superman will come out of March’s “Superman Reborn” into April’s “Superman Reborn: Aftermath” and “Superman Black” with new duds that so perfectly balance classic Superman as well as modern expectations of superhero costumes.

What’s new is a full metallic red belt with a triangle buckle, red metallic boots with a jagged trim, and the return of basic arm sleeves. Gone are the cuffs, introduced last year in DC Rebirth, that made Superman look awkward like he’s in a tux that’s too big for him.

The look also seems inspired by the costume Tyler Hoechlin wore this season on Supergirl, which was just shy of being the best live-action Superman costume of all time.

The synopsis for Superman #20, written by Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason, reveals Clark will move his family back to Metropolis but not before Batman and Robin learn that Superman is slowly losing his powers.

Meanwhile, in Action Comics #977 from Dan Jurgens, Superman retraces his history to find out what went wrong, which may lead him to the mysterious Dr. Oz. Could Superman be on his own path to chasing the Watchmen?

Check out the new costume for Superman below, on the covers of Superman #20 and Action Comics #977.

Cover of 'Superman' #20

DC Comics

Below is Action Comics #977, which is a tableux of Superman’s greatest moments, like Clark and Lois’ wedding, the birth of Jon, “Kryptonite Nevermore!” and even an homage to Superman IV: The Quest for Peace.

DC Comics

Superman #20 will be released April 5. Action Comics #977 will be released April 12.

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