Duncan Jones's 'Moon' Sequel 'Mute' Looks Very 'Blade Runner'


Taking place in the future 2052 of Berlin — and after Sam Rockwell’s infamous clone returned to Earth — the forthcoming Duncan Jones film Mute is firmly in the same universe Moon, but the noir atmosphere is also leaning heavily on a Blade Runner-eqsue aesthetic.

On Friday, January 6, Entertainment Weekly revealed three new photos from the upcoming movie, and reminded readers that Duncan Jones has previously said that his future version of Berlin “draws influence from both Blade Runner and Casablanca.”

Unlike Moon, though, Mute takes place entirely on Earth and focuses on a mute bartender named Leo played by Alexander Skarsgård. After his girlfriend (Seyneb Saleh) vanishes, a mysterious caper ensues which finds Leo meeting with two seemingly evil surgeons played by Paul Rudd and Justin Theroux. Beyond that, and the fact that the film is set to hit Netflix instead of theaters, very little is known about the plot.

A scene from 'Mute.'


Still, Duncan Jones has a fantastic track record with science fiction films. His films Moon and Source Code both presented excellent science fiction concepts — human cloning and time travel, respectively — in easily digestible, slickly made cinematic packages. If everyone can forgive him for Warcraft, then getting excited about Mute, and its cameo from Sam Rockwll, should be easy.

Mute debuts on Netflix sometime in 2017.