Sam Rockwell's Clone to Appear in 'Moon' Trilogy Sequel 'Mute'

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The final scenes of Moon saw Sam Bell (played by Sam Rockwell) headed back to Earth to expose the unethical cloning practices employed by Lunar Industries. Now, in a new film — Mute — that same fictional universe will be explored, complete with at least one appearance from Sam Bell.

As of late September 2016, Director Duncan Jones is set to begin filming the science fiction film Mute this month. Focused on a mute bartender (Alexander Skarsgård) in a future version of Berlin, Mute has actually been in development for some time. Commensurate with releasing new concept art for the film, Duncan Jones has confirmed on Twitter that Mute is “related” to Moon. Because Mute is set 40 years in our future, and Moon (2009) took place in 2035 (then, 26 years in our future) it stands to reason that the new movie depicts the Earth in the aftermath of Sam’s revelations after Moon’s conclusion.

It’s also possible that Mute won’t directly deal with the events of Moon, but instead simply exist in the same fictional universe. After all, the machinations of a mute bartender in a future Berlin might not have a huge connection to Sam Bell’s revelations about Lunar Corporation, which at this point, might have happened a whole decade prior.

Concept Art for 'Mute'

Duncan Jones

What’s ambitious here is the idea of an artful, and consistently rendered science fiction world. If Mute continues the intelligent and subtle science fiction style that Duncan Jones began with Moon, it could rise in the ranks to an instant classic of the genre. Here’s hoping.

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