'Aquaman' is Using the Stunt Team From 'Mad Max: Fury Road' 

Warner Bros., DC Entertainment, Roadshow Films

Jason Momoa’s Aquaman is gearing up for production in May 2017. To help with his swashbuckling action-adventure film, he’ll be setting sail with the stunt crew that worked on Mad Max: Fury Road.

DC’s Aquaman will reportedly begin filming in Australia, as well as additional scenes in Italy where James Wan will bring his vision of an “Indiana Jones” -stlye Aquaman film to life. To help him choreograph some of the action is Keir Beck and his stunt team, who previously worked on the practical stunts in Mad Max: Fury Road.

In an interview with News9, Beck explained what the stunt team will be contributing to the DC superhero film. “General stunt skills and fighting, if there is water sequences obviously being capable and competent in water[,]” Beck explained.

It’s expected that there should be “water sequences” in an Aquaman film, but Beck’s comments come off a little too general to get a clear understanding of what kind of stunts the film will feature.

James Wan described his upcoming Aquaman film as a globe-trotting action-adventure film, which helps explain the exotic locales such as the Castle of Venus in the Trapani province of Siciliy, Italy. Wan’s history with the Fast and Furious franchise, which combines sexy, exotic locations with high-octane action means that partnering with the more-than capable stunt team of Mad Max: Fury Road should produce some spectacular results.

Jason Momoa stars at the titular superhero where he will be joined by Amber Heard’s Mera, and Patrick Wilson as Ocean Master, one of the film’s villains.

Aquaman’s high-seas adventure will hit theaters October 5, 2018.

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