Fans Are Recreating Darth Vader's Badass 'Rogue One' Scene

Lego Man

Rogue One was full of amazing, breathtaking moments, but the most terrifyingly awesome bit came right at the end, when Darth Vader, making only his second appearance in the movie, slaughtered his way through a hallway of Rebels. Sadly, since Rogue One is still in theaters, there isn’t a way to (legitimately) rewatch the badass scene just yet. Luckily, there are dedicated fans with a lot of time, talent, and Lego bricks on their hands.

Aptly named YouTuber Lego Man uploaded a video that’s essentially a frame by frame recreation of the scene done in Lego, along with the original sound and dialogue ripped from the film. Although Lego Darth isn’t quite as imposing as the Sith Lord was in the real movie, it’s an impressive fan contribution, and watching it scratches the itch for people who want to see Vader in all his glory again.

Lego Man has made other brickfilms, as they’re known, about Rogue One, but this is the only video that’s an exact recreation of a scene from the movie.

The Lego remake isn’t the only version of the Vader scene out there. Although it’s not as faithful as Lego Man’s take, this 16-bit recreation of his rampage looks like a pretty sweet old-school video game.

Most of the other videos out there claiming to be the final scene are just people trolling you, so be warned.

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