The 12 Best Video Game Bugs and Glitches of 2016

"What's wrong with your eyes?"

If video games have taught us anything, it’s that there will always be something horribly wrong with them. While some glitches, like the (now deleted) unlimited caps source in Fallout 4, can work in the player’s favor, others just require you to sit back and marvel about how such a monstrosity can exist. How do these happen, how do they slip by the creators and, most importantly, how awesome are they? Here are some of the best video game bugs and glitches of 2016.

Skyrim’s “Horse Tilting”

There are so many Skyrim glitches, it’s impossible to show them all (although my personal favorite is featured at the bottom of the list). However, this one is definitely the most crazily useful. By tilting a horse at just the right angle over a rock, the Dragonborn basically becomes the Flash, sprinting through Skyrim at breakneck speed.

WWE 2K17 Fights (and Flees) Dirty

“I’ll fight you anytime, anywhere … except right now. Bye!”

That Assassin’s Creed Face

What is that monstrosity? What is it? When Assassin’s Creed 2 was remastered this year, one of the side effects was it could exploit an old character render glitch that resulted in, well, that. God, he’s making that babyish weasel Vieri de Pazzi look cute by comparison.

Prompto Sucks at Riding Things

For some reason, Prompto from Final Fantasy XV can’t figure out how to make cars or Chocobos work. There are so many videos showing him just failing to master the basic mechanics of getting around. But that’s not all. Apparently he also gets trapped in walls, goes invisible and can even go into selfie mode while fighting a monster. He’s basically the Poochie of FFXV.

This Dark Souls 3 Butt

There’s a full moon rising in Dark Souls 3 and it probably means the protagonist should put on some pants.

Nathan Drake Gets Eaten by a Tree

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End brought in the sliding mechanic that gave Nathan Drake access to new places … and very messy pants. However, it didn’t always work in his favor, as here we see his leg slowly being devoured by a tree. Where’s a saw when you need one?

Watch Dogs 2’s Golden Gate Bridge Selfie

Watch Dog 2 has its limits as to where players can go. Unless you’re taking a selfie. This hilarious glitch lets players climb just about any surface, so long as you’re in selfie mode. One guy walked all the way up to the top of the Golden Gate Bridge. Of course, he said it took almost seven minutes, since you have to walk slow as hell. If you’ve got the patience, it’s a hell of a view.

All the FIFA 17 Romances

FIFA games are never shy with the glitches, because sports games can be churned out quickly, meaning the overall quality suffers. However, the latest edition gave us plenty of bromance moments that bordered on NSFW. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Don’t Take the Cities: Skylines Bus

Otherwise this might happen.

Giant Killer Pokémon GO Monsters

Pokémon sightings just got a hell of a lot more interesting. Apparently a certain bug can cause them to become as tall as skyscrapers, turning the harmless pocket monsters into Godzillas at your beck and call. Come, my pretties, and destroy the Earth with your cuteness!

Mafia III’s Speedboat of Death

Transportation has always been a bit of a mixed bag in Mafia III. Reports of buggy cars, disappearing signs and other dangers make the streets a lot less “safe” than they should be. Then, of course, there are the speedboats. Looks like this baddie go more than he bargained for when challenging Lincoln.

Skyrim and the Mystery of the Flying Mammoth

Skyrim: Remastered has a thing with mammoths. They always like to fly. There’s seemingly no reason for it, and there’s nothing than can be done once it’s set in motion. All you can do is sit back and marvel at the beauty as it soars off into the distance. Much like Dumbo, if you believe hard enough, a mammoth can fly.

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