Imgur Collected the 8 Best Video Game Glitches of 2016

To mark the release of its new iPad app, Imgur gives eight reasons why you should waste time with it.


Imgur was built as a side project by creator Alan Shaaf for Reddit to host pictures and GIFs, but almost immediately the service took off on its own. With a thriving community, the image portal is now a major source for viral web culture, and today the San Francisco-based company unveiled overhauls to its OS, mobile applications, and a fully-fledged app for the iPad.

To mark the release, Imgur collected some of the best video game glitches its users have endured, and shared them (so far in 2016, at least).

From Fallout 4 to Far Cry: Primal, here are the freakiest, dumbest, and some of the most NOPE-worthy glitches curated by the Imgur community.

8. This “snail face” in Fallout 4

This isn’t so much a glitch as it is a digital nightmare.

7. This horse unable to stop its own momentum in The Witcher 3

This one oddly fits with the BoJack Horseman theme.

6. These creepy-ass monkeys in Fallout 4

NOPE. Gonna NOPE the hell outta this one.

5. This FIFA disaster worse than United Passions

The uploader’s title: “when you and your homie are chillin and your mom is vaccuming.”

4. Bambi becomes The Flash in Far Cry: Primal

Someone spotted this super deer in Far Cry: Primal. Make all The Flash jokes you want because Flash’s mom is dead too.

3. The Iceman of Fallout 4

This Imgurian explained:

I was just minding my own business in Fallout 4 today when something weird happened to my character. I fast traveled out of the institute to the diamond city market and quicksaved as soon as the game finished loading. I was really bored at the moment so I just started murdering everyone with the cryolator and after everyone was dead I hit the quickload button. When the game loaded I saw that my character was now a blue glowing iceman. I quit the game and came back and realized that the change was permanent. I’m fine with this.

We’re fine with it, too.

2. These bears in Skyrim seem pretty deflated

Skyrim has been out for almost five years but gamers are still finding new things, like these depressed bears. They’re probably mad The Revenant sucked.

1. This cow is explosive in Just Cause 3

Why? Just ‘cause.

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