The Best Gift for an Anime Fan Is a Crunchyroll Subscription

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Really, the ultimate gift for an anime fan would be a first class, all expense-paid trip to Japan. However, since that’s most likely well out of most of our price ranges, and probably won’t sit well at your company’s Secret Santa, there are plenty of other options. You might be able to buy a keychain, a couple of manga, or other anime memorabilia. But, why not spend money on something that the person will likely enjoy for a long time and definitely will not put a hurt on your wallet. The best gift for the anime fan in your life, all things considered, is definitely a Crunchyroll subscription.

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There are plenty of sites that offer anime. However, the big three are definitely Hulu, Funimation, and Crunchyroll. Each site has an upside to paying for their subscription. If you decide to subscribe to Hulu, you not only gain access to its impressive selection of both subbed and dubbed anime, but you are also able to watch television shows and movies from all around the world. Therefore, you are not forced to watch solely anime, but can indulge in South Park or Rick and Morty if you so choose. But, the big downside to subscribing to Hulu is that you will have to pay much more for the subscription. A Hulu subscription will run you $7.99/month. But, even with that $8 dollars that will be taken out of your account every month, you will still have to sit through dreaded ads that come on at some of the worst points in the show. If you want to have an ad-free experience, you will have to pay $11.99/month. A $4 difference that can be better spent on something important like 3 McChickens and a sweet dollar tea from McDonalds.

The difference between Funimation and Crunchyroll is miniscule, though. Funimation focuses more on dubbed anime and Crunchyroll focuses on subbed anime. In fact, the two recently partnered up to bring cross-streaming, home-video distribution, and dub creation to the North American audience. You can actually pay for one subscription and get some dope titles and a FunimationNow subscription is actually cheaper than a Crunchyroll subscription ($5.99/month to $6.95/month).

Crunchyroll v. Funimation


So, why would you exactly pay for a Crunchyroll subscription instead of a Funimation one? When it comes to anime, always assume that the individual prefers subbed anime over the dubbed version. Subbed anime is a lot better than dubbed anime. Some people might even feel slighted that you would think that they prefer dubbed over subbed anime. They will scream, “How dare you!” as you hang your head in shame and embarrassment for ever assuming that somebody does not prefer the authentic Japanese content. You will forever be known as that guy who doesn’t know what is good in life. Your significant other might even leave you. Do not be that guy.

Play it safe and just get your anime fan a Crunchyroll account. They will thank you for it. They will thank you even more if you keep paying for the subscription after the holidays. But, that free month of unlimited anime will definitely get them hooked enough to start paying for their own subscription. And then you could probably mooch off of them. Joy to the world!

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