J.K. Rowling Announces Tina and Queenie's Ilvermorny Houses

Thanks to Fantastic Beasts and Newt Scamander, the Hufflepuff house is on the rise. But new information from J.K. Rowling shines light on the American wizarding school’s houses, too.

Rowling announced on Twitter that Newt’s solemn, new friend Tina Goldstein was in Thunderbird during her time at Ilvermony, while her mind-reading, more whimsical sister, Queenie, was in Pukwudgie.

Thanks to the Harry Potter books, we didn’t need to see Newt during his school years to know about Hufflepuff. We know that they are decent, value hard work, and can range from heroic types like Cedric Diggory to free spirits like Tonks to calm, cool, and collected types like Neville’s future wife Hannah Abbott. Since we haven’t actually been to Ilvermony yet, on the page or the screen, all we have is their Pottermore descriptions. Previously, they were rather abstract. But perhaps since we now know Tina and Queenie, we can gleam more information from their personalities.

Tina’s house Thunderbird favors adventurers and represents the soul, while Queenie’s house Pukwudgie favors healers and represents the heart.

Since we now know Tina, the disgraced auror who investigated Newt on her own, and Queenie, the compassionate soul who fell for Jacob the No-Maj and saw Newt’s pain over his broken relationship with the mysterious Leta Lestrange, we can see how this fits into our knowledge of the Potterverse. Their closest Hogwarts House parallels would clearly be Gryffindor for Tina, and Hufflepuff for Queenie.

Mischief managed.