'GoT' Season 7 Will Feature Another Walk of Shame


Cersei might be sitting on the Iron Throne now instead of parading naked and humiliated through the streets — but don’t put down your Shame bells yet. Game of Thrones Season 7 will revisit that infamous plot point with a new twist.

Fans who don’t want any Season 7 spoilers, turn back now.

Still with us? Varys’s little birds have reported from the set that several surprising characters will take their own parades of humiliation through the streets of King’s Landing: Yara Greyjoy, Oberyn Martell’s former paramour Elliara Sand, and the Sand Snake Tyene.

There is no word on whether they will be naked or trailed by calls of, “Shame! Shame!” but as the procession will be lead by the dick-loving Euron Greyjoy, it’s a reasonable assumption.

As to why this development is happening, Euron Greyjoy — Yara and Theon’s uncle who first appeared in Season 6 to dramatically murder his brother, win the Kingsmoot, and talk about dicks — is the head of the Ironborn. His screen time trickled off at the end of the Season 6, but he’s still out there seeking to gain more power and kill Yara and Theon.

In Season 7, it’s looking like he will ally with Cersei. In the ultimate Cersei move, then, she will prove she has gained no humility from her own Walk of Shame as she watches Yara, Elliara, and Tyene’s with joy. Presumably she will sip wine with a sinister smile.

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