Spock Getting Assimilated by the Borg Is 'Star Trek' Perfection


The new Borg’s invasion of the Alpha Quadrant is spreading to the Romulan Empire, but the latest addition to their shared hivemind is — finally — none other than Mr. Spock. Why didn’t Star Trek comics and the Borg Collective think of this years ago?

In the third issue of IDW’s ongoing comic book series Star Trek: Boldly Go, Captain Kirk and the crew of the USS Endeavour reunite with Spock and Uhura to try and figure out what the Borg are doing and what they want. Though these comics aren’t totally considered canon for the Kelvin Timeline, the stories do have a history of explaining certain details omitted from the newer films. For example, in the 2009 Star Trek film, Nero’s Romulan Ship, the Narada, was revealed to have Borg technology in the IDW comic prequel Star Trek: Countdown.

The latest issue of Boldly Go takes that idea and runs with it. The Borg are invading the Alpha Quadrant with the expressed purpose of finding what they call “the Outlier,” which the crew deduces quickly enough is the ill-fated Narada.


Like many fans and readers, the Borg aren’t clear how Romulans adapted Borg tech into a mining ship, and are determined to have someone tell them what is going on.

Meanwhile, Spock is naturally fasincated by the Borg, and the issues ends on a cliffhanger of the beloved Vulcan getting Borgified! It’s shocking Star Trek comics didn’t think of this idea sooner, mostly because it feels so iconic, even though it was never filmed. The final panel featuring Spock getting taken into the collective is chilling and awesome, and will make Trekkies squeal with delight. It’s almost too fun to stand.

Will Spock destroy the Borg Collective from within because he’s just too smart and logical? And if he does get de-Borged, how will this impact the oh-so-senstative Kelvin Timeline Spock’s already deeply scarred psyche?

Star Trek: Boldly Go #3 is out now from IDW.

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