How to Catch All the Gen 2 Baby Pokemon in 'Pokemon GO'

Hope you're ready for a long walk. 

Niantic Labs

Niantic Labs just rolled out its new, big plans for Pokémon GO, and it’s all bout the eggs. New Pokémon from Generation 2 are indeed coming to the hit game, but in order to collect them, you’ll need to hatch them from eggs gathered at PokéStops — they probably won’t be out in the wild for awhile. There’s a lot of walking involved to discover what’s new, but we have a few ideas if you want to be spoiled. Pokémon introduced “baby” Pokémon of a few of the original 151 in Pokémon Gold and Silver, and it’s not a logical stretch that these Pokémon, which you could originally hatch from eggs by you breeding their evolved forms, will be the Pokémon featured. Here are the original Generation II baby Pokémon, and the critters you can expect to find in your eggs — so get out to your nearest PokéStop and start walking.

Elekid is charged and ready to go. 



This Electric-type baby evolves into Electabuzz.

Magby is a lost-looking Fire-type.



Magby looks just like mommy and daddy, evolving into Magmar.

It's easy to guess who this little guy evolves into. 



Cleffa evolves into the equally adorable Clefairy before taking Clefable as its final form.

Igglybuff really tries to amp up the cute. 



What’s cuter than Jigglypuff? A baby Jigglypuff, or in this case, Igglybuff.

As expected, Pichu is likely to be the star of this particular show. 



Probably the most famous of the baby Pokémon alongside Togepi, Pichu eventually evolves into Pikachu after hatching. Pichu is confirmed as one of the new Pokémon you can find in eggs.

Togepi -- the original baby Pokémon. 



Togepi is fairly useless as far as Pokémon go, but that hasn’t stopped this little hatchling from stealing the hearts of fans. Togepi is also confirmed to be in the game right now!

Smoochum evolves into Ice/Psychic-type Jynx. 



In case you couldn’t tell by the feeling of discomfort you get from looking at this one, Smoochum evolves into Jynx.

Tyrogue is ready to fight as soon as it hatches. 



Tyrogue is unique in that it has the chance to evolve into three different Pokémon — Hitmonlee, Hitmontop, or Hitmonchan. So far, it’s the only one of the original Gen 2 baby Pokémon that isn’t in the game, probably because one of its evolutions, Hitmontop, is also a Gen 2 Pokémon that isn’t in the game yet.

So there you have it. We’ll be very surprised if these aren’t the Pokémon sprouting out of the new eggs released in this latest patch. While most of them evolve into Pokmon already found in the original 151, this is a clear sign that Pokémon GO fully plans on launching into Generation 2’s Pokédex, giving us all fresh Pokémon for the catching.

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