Great, Now Zack Snyder Ruined 'Star Wars' as Well

Zack Snyder must have some free time on his hands in between putting the finishing touches on Justice League, because he decided to mash up a whole bunch of Batman vs Superman footage with some Star Wars CGI into a nerdy mega-trailer that uh … actually doesn’t make any sense.

While we appreciate all crossovers between DC and Star Wars, the Snyderverse version of Star Wars is a little confusing.

Snyder cuts together scenes from Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice with a voiceover mashup of various Star Wars scenes. The narrative seems to be centered around the obvious Dark Knight/ Darth Vader parallel, with Superman (SuperJedi) labeled as a “FALSE JEDI.” Except nothing makes sense. Snyder uses the Knightmare sequence to have Supes dropping in next to a bunch of Stormtroopers, which is strange, because Supes is the good guy? Also, Superman’s rosy naivety would totally lead him to trip and fall into the Dark Side much quicker than Batman’s ironclad moral code. Anyway, it all culminates in a pretty cool scene where Batman gets Darth Maul’s sick-ass double-bladed saber and Superman drops out of the sky with a green saber. Helicopters and the Batmobile are replaced with X-Wings and Landspeeders, and the Millennium Falcon flies past the Superman statue at one point. Make up your mind for yourself and check out the trailer below.

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