Darth Maul Might Be a Better Cyborg Than Darth Vader


Darth Maul is the cyborg who just won’t quit. He’s survived being chopped in half and toppling off the side of a temple, only to return yet again.

Saturday marks the return of former Sith Lord Maul to Star Wars Rebels, and in a recently released clip from the upcoming episode “Holocrons of Fate,” it seems Maul will finally get his hands on the Holocron.

Maul has certainly survived his fair share of trauma. The last time we saw him on Rebels, he was fleeing from Darth Vader, knowing he didn’t stand a chance against Vader’s superior power. But does Maul’s return again and again signify that he has some sort of advantage over Vader, despite his obvious fear for Darth Sidious’s favorite toy soldier?

It certainly seems that way. Both Maul and Vader have robotic lower halves, though Vader tends to hide his beneath his iconic black get-up. Maul has no problem baring all. And even though he went a little psycho for a while after the loss of his legs at the hands of Obi-Wan Kenobi, he still managed to cause problems in Rebels and Clone Wars and return again and again.

Catch the latest episode of Star Wars Rebels this Saturday.

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