Darth Maul Joins ‘Star Wars Rebels’ for Season 2 Finale

The rumors were true: Disney XD’s ‘Star Wars Rebels’ has announced that Darth Maul will make an appearance in the second season finale.


It’s official: that tattooed practitioner of the Dark Side, Darth Maul, will make an appearance on the second season finale of Disney XD’s well-reviewed Star Wars Rebels. Entertainment Weekly revealed the news earlier today, confirming fan speculation.

In mid-January, the mid-season trailer for Rebels revved fans’ engines with a cameo by a shadowy, hooded character that could only be the Emperor’s former apprentice.


Now, if you tend to get your Star Wars information from the films, then Darth Maul’s resurrection may come as quite the surprise. After all, the last time you saw the silent Sith, he looked like this:


But those who dabble a little deeper into the Star Wars Universe, know that Darth Maul crawled from the pit that Obi Wan kicked him down long ago. A few years after his apparent demise, The Clone Wars (which is in the canon, by the way) insisted that Darth Maul pulled a Luke Skywalker and grab onto an air vent as he was falling to his doom. Maul’s body was eventually dumped on a trash planet, where — sustained by his ridiculous rage — he spent the next few years recuperating, going straight out of his mind, and getting his hands on some sweet-ass robot legs.

Maul’s agenda in Star Wars Rebels is still unknown, but when speculation on Maul’s appearance began, showrunner Dave Filoni promised, “Even if they guess right about everything they think they’re seeing, they won’t know how it comes together, which really becomes the fun part for me.”

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