Leaked 'Rogue One' Soundtrack Listing Reveals the Plot


To ensure complete secrecy of the plot of the new Star Wars movies, the soundtracks and their potentially spoilerific track titles have been kept under wraps until the date the actual movie get released. Michael Giacchino’s score for Rogue One, the first Star Wars movie not done by John Williams, was supposed to be similarly secretive, but what looks like the legit track listing has been leaked on a Polish site for what looks like a Hot Topic ripoff called EMP.

The score of The Phantom Menace famously featured a song called “The High Council Meeting and Qui-Gon’s Funeral,” spoiling the ending for everyone, though the closest that last year’s score for The Force Awakens got to spoiling anything was that Kylo Ren did, in fact, arrive at a battle because there was a song called “Kylo Ren Arrives at the Battle.” The leaked track titles for Rogue One seem to be somewhere in the middle — vague enough to not mean anything to the casual observer, but obvious enough for fans to figure out the plot of the actual movie before the movie even comes out.

Here’s the plot of Rogue One based on the tracklisting to Giacchino’s score. Spoilers ahead.

1. He’s Here For Us

2. A Long Ride Ahead

3. Wobani Imperial Labor Camp

These tracks should cover the early prologue points in the film up until Jyn Erso is sprung out of some sort of Imperial jail by the Rebellion. Rogue One apparently opens up when Krennic surprises the Erso family in exile on Lah’mu to conscript Jyns father Galen into the Imperial army to help complete the Death Star.

4. Trust Goes Both Ways

5. When Has Become Now

6. Jedha Arrival

7. Jedha City Ambush

Tracks 4 and 5 have particularly vague titles, but these will obviously be played over the scenes where Jyn learns about her father transmitting the news of the Death Star weapons test to the Rebellion, forcing them to get her to try and steal the plans to the battle station. The Rebels send officer Cassian Andor with her to make sure she stays on target, and their first stop is to recruit some more misfits for the mission on the mysterious planet of Jedha.

8. Star-Dust

9. Confrontation on Eadu

10. Krennic’s Aspirations

The trailers have shown that the blue-collar, bad guy Krennic tries to test out the partially operational firepower of the Death Star on what looks like Jedha, hence “Star-Dust.” More cryptic is the mention of Eadu, which seems to be the rocky and rainy planet where Galen is stationed as seen in the trailers. It’s possible that Jyn and her squad simply go there to try and bust her father out, only to be rebuffed by a big Imperial presence there.

11. Rebellions Are Built on Hope

Whatever happens on Eadu forces the Rebellion to retreat and come up with a more desperate plan. It’s possible that they underestimate the immense power of the Death Star and have to take a realistic breather about their slim chances of victory, but as seen in the trailers, Jyn gives them the rousing “Rebellions are built on hope” speech.

12. Rogue One

13. Cargo Shuttle SW-0608

14. Scrambling the Rebel Fleet

15. AT-ACT Assault

The new plan most likely involves taking a stolen Imperial cargo shuttle under the call sign “Rogue One” and trying to make it to the surface of Scarif, the base of the Empire’s military operations, while the Rebel fleet distracts the Empire with a pesky space battle above the planet, and eventually more ground troops.

16. The Master Switch

This could be the most important detail in the entire movie, or just a distraction. The master switch might be what Jyn has to get to in order to upload the plans to the Death Star before hightailing it of Scarif.

17. Your Father Would Be Proud

18. Hope

19. Jyn Erso & Hope Suite

There’s been some question about whether Jyn will actually survive. It’s obvious she succeeds in her mission to steal the Death Star plans — we wouldn’t have A New Hope if she failed — but the screenwriters might throw in a deadly twist to make up for why Jyn doesn’t show up in the original trilogy timeline.

20. The Imperial Suite

Michael Giacchino composed the score for Rogue One (the first time someone who isn’t named John Williams ever attempted at scoring the galaxy far, far away). But Williams isn’t gone completely: He still gets an Original Star Wars Music Composed by John Williams” credit on the soundtrack, which will probably include some recognizable tunes in Giacchino’s “Imperial Suite.”

21. Guardians of the Whills Suite

But it looks like Giacchino is offering up some ambitious concepts in his original music as well by resurrecting the hazy concept of “Whills,” the mystical order more powerful than the Jedi that was seen in early drafts of George Lucas’s original script for Star Wars.

We’ll have to wait to see (and hear) how this works out when Rogue One hits theaters on December 16.

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