Galen Erso Helps Solve the Death Star Problem in 'Rogue One'


Has the Death Star plothole finally been corrected?

There’s a ton of groan-worthy stuff that Star Wars fans have to kind of overlook when they suspend their disbelief over the saga in the galaxy far, far away, the worst of which is the literal plothole involving the relatively easy way to blow up the Death Star. It was difficult for Luke and the Rebel Alliance to attack the Empire’s superweapon, but once they were there all they had to do was shoot a pair of missiles into a gaping hole and voila, no more Death Star. But this critical design flaw may have been there for a reason, and it could be because of Rogue One’s Galen Erso.

When Huffington Post asked actor Mads Mikkelsen if Galen provides the Empire faulty plans to the Death Star, Mikkelsen remained perfectly vague while still managing to spoil a little bit. “I think we should credit my character for a few things,” he told them, “I mean, I created the problem [of the Death Star], but I’m also part of the problem-solving.”

Mikkelson has spilled the beans on Rogue One spoilers before, confirming that he was Jyn Erso’s father in a TV interview before that information was common knowledge. This is slightly more fascinating considering he must have such a strict NDA on his mind to not let anything slip, hence the coy response.

We’ll have to wait until December 16 when Rogue One hist theaters to see whether Galen will actually intentionally build an easy way to destroy the Death Star into the plans, but it makes sense considering the years of grief the saga has gotten for that huge plot hole.

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