'Attack on Titan' Season 2 Will Finally Arrive in April 2017

It's about time.


It was starting to look like we would never get to witness the bloody spectacle that is Attack on Titan ever again. It was originally announced in 2014 that the anime adaptation of Hajime Isayama’s manga would be receiving a second season. Many of us fans believed that the anime was going to be released in 2016, but as the year went on, we began to realize that Christmas was not going to come early for Attack on Titan fans. However, on Friday, the 21st manga volume will feature a special wraparound jacket that tells us that the anime will finally be released in April 2017.

Slay that titan


Although the second season was originally planned for a 2016 release, it was pushed back to allow the manga more time to expand its storyline. In the time since its end, Attack on Titan has become a global phenomenon with numerous manga spinoffs, a two-part live-action film, a spinoff live action television series, a video game, and an OVA. It has become a particular fan favorite even among people that are not regular anime fans. At every anime-con, you can expect at least a handful of people to dawn a Survey Corps outfit to cosplay as main character, Eren Yeager or dope titan slayer, Mikasa Ackerman.

Attack on Titan follows the story of Eren Yeager, who after witnessing his mother get devoured by a giant, cannibal like, humanoid thing known as titans, joins the military to defend his home from the titans. But, after making a surreal discovery, Eren goes on a mission to learn about his own past and the history of the titans, which somehow seems to be interconnected. The comic-like animation, magnificent fight sequences, and gruesome storyline immediately catapulted Attack on Titan to popularity. Just a few more months until we receive the long awaited return!

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