'Westworld' Fan Art Gives Dolores the Hero's Journey

Twitter/@designjacks, @BerkayDaglar

Dolores might have been the villain and catalyst of so many Westworld stories all along, but she’s also, undeniably, the hero of her own story.

Westworld fan art from graphic designer Jack Helean and illustrator Berkay Daglar shows scenes and main characters from the recently finished first season of HBO’s new hit series. Dolores is front and center, with sharp, poignant lines outlining the Westworld park logo cutting across her form and revealing her origins. She is the focus of her own hero’s journey.

Dr. Ford’s visage hovers above her, his face half hidden in the shadows, perhaps continuing the exploration of god and devil that Ford played throughout the season. “Every hero has a code” marks the left side of the work, and is followed up by the images of the four main hosts in the series: Bernard, Maeve, Teddy, and Hector Escaton.

Meanwhile, the Man in Black stands in the middle of the maze at the bottom of the piece, his head bent and back turned, wreathed in shadows to emphasize the mystery surrounding his mission. William and Logan stand to the side, with William being one of the closest characters to the Man in Black.

Detailed versions of the artists’s work can be found on their Instagram accounts and websites.

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