Montreal's Snowy Car Crash Intersection Apocalypse Is Ridiculous

It doesn't look like anyone was hurt, so let's watch some dope crashes guilt-free.


Winter is coming, and with it comes hazardous driving conditions. Yes, for several months every year, Mother Nature turns man’s carefully organized streets into a giant, graceful, dance of destruction and dismay (on ice). The spectacle came a little earlier than normal in Montreal on Monday morning, as a gently sloping street was transformed into a parade of automotive ruination.

And, well, it’s a real hoot to watch.

The chilling scene at the intersection of Côte du Beaver Hall and Viger Street in downtown Montreal was captured by a few nearby office workers (and gawked at by lots of pedestrians braving the snow for a good show).

“No one was seriously injured!” wrote Willem Shepherd, who filmed the action and posted it to his Facebook page. Because nobody was seriously injured, it is officially okay to enjoy the following video.

The film — and indeed this is worthy of being called a film — is full of amazing moments, so picking out a few highlights is a tough ask. The way that a full sized bus gently careens into a clover of four tightly packed cars that had already fallen victim to the snowy slope is pretty great, though. As is the way a truck full of ladders and pipes almost sends everything in its bed flying as it joins the dogpile.

The best part, however, is watching a snow plow slam into the front of a police car, because winter is a cruel mistress who cares not for human authority nor our meager attempts to combat her frosty touch.

Anyway, don’t slam your breaks if you find yourself sliding in the snow. You’ll end up like all these weatherbeaten chumps.

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