Popular 'Doctor Who' Monsters Crashed Spin-Off Show 'Class' 

Against all odds and reports to the contrary, the new Doctor Who spin-off, Class, actually included a very familiar alien adversary from the Whoverse in its season finale. And this wasn’t a cameo, these baddies were integral to the plot.

Back in October, showrunner Patrick Ness was emphatic that Class would absolutely not be using an alien foes from Doctor Who’s past, saying “If you had the chance to make brand-new Doctor Who monsters, wouldn’t you run with it?”

This has now proven to be 100% false. In short, Patrick Ness was lying! Not only do well-known alien adversaries appear in Class, they were running the entire story. Because Class won’t air until Spring 2017 in the United States, turn away now to avoid having the surprise of the returning baddies ruined.

Spoilers for Class follow.

Don’t blink! It’s the freaking Weeping Angels!


That’s right, from now on, whenever you’re watching any show in the future, you should ask yourself, very quietly, “Could the Weeping Angles from Doctor Who be behind all of this?” Because, on Class, they totally were. The mysterious “benefactors” of Coal Hill were in fact, the Weeping Angels. And they were gearing up for an event called “the Arrival,” which is not connected to the Amy Adams movie, but instead, foretells the arrival of a giant building-sized Weeping Angel not unlike the Statue of Liberty.

So, the next time anyone hears that no regular Doctor Who bad guys are going to show up, just keep in a mind a giant Weeping Angel is probably coming instead.

Class is streaming on BBC3 and debuts in the US in 2017.

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