New Alpha 5 Design in 'Power Rangers' Is a Biomechanical Freak Show


Many of the character redesigns for the upcoming Power Rangers movie are … interesting, to say the least, but while Rita Repulsa and the Rangers’ new looks have some style to them, the just-revealed reimagining of the chatty robot sidekick Alpha 5 is a horrifying biomechanical abomination.

Alpha 5, who is being voiced by comedian Bill Hader will probably bring some solid comic relief to the big screen adaptation of the classic Japanese action franchise. But while Zordon’s panicky No. 2 might still act funny in the new flick, he looks like something that shouldn’t exist, according to new concept art courtesy of IGN.

The Rangers’ new suits and Zords have hints of futuristic biomechanical alien technology to them, but Alpha 5 seems like he was version 1.0. Dude looks like the result of a bad teleporter accident involving a mushroom, Steven Speilberg’s ET, and the Starship Enterprise. And then, after they all got fused together, they suffered severe, flesh-melting burns.

Look at it's belly! It's so upsetting!


As a reminder, the original Alpha 5 looked like this:

It's Daft Punk's cousin. 

The Alpha 5 of the show was beloved for his trademark cry, “ai yi yi,” which he emitted pretty much any time he was overwhelmed, which happens often. The new Alpha 5 is probably gonna scream “ai yi yi” constantly due to the pain of his own existence and deep existential body horror.

Even though it’s icky (those eye-stalks, man), Alpha 5’s extreme redesign suggests that the alien tech the Rangers are dealing with is much stranger and out-of-this-world than we’re used to. It looks like Power Rangers is going to be a strange, moody film.

Why is his butt like that?


Power Rangers hits theaters on March 24, 2017.

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