The 35 Best 'Pokemon Sun' and 'Moon' Memes

Nebby needs to stay in the bag.


In the lead up to the release of Pokémon Sun and Moon, the internet worked itself into a lather prepping for new Island Trials and Alola versions of classic monsters. Whenever a new character or Pokémon was announced, comment sections and subreddits treated the fresh information with the sort of calm reserve associated with sharks in chum-filled water. Naturally, fans memed the hell out of everything.

The introduction of Dragon-type Exeggutor had everyone making fun of its ridiculously long neck. People were totally obsessed with the Pikachu-wannabe Mimikyu. And of course, excited Pokémon trainers picked their favorite starter buddy even before getting to play the game.

Now that the games have been out for a few weeks and people have explored the Alola region with their team of Pokémon, meme production is peaking again, this time based on recurring themes and new features: Nebby’s tendency to break out of Lillie’s bag, just how campy some Alola variants can be, and onward in that vein. The memes are, taken collectively, one of the most thorough video game reviews ever.

Here are the 35 best of the lot:

35. Nebby … GET IN THE BAG.

34. Leveling up Pokémon can become a riot.

33. Same.

32. True.

31. Litten makes so much sense now.

30. Damn, she’s effed up.

29. Dugtrio just became the prettiest Pokémon of the islands.

28. We’re going to need a bigger screen.

27. How could they.

26. There’s a conspiracy cooking.

25. When evolution really screws you up.

24. Pokémon may appear smaller in Sun and Moon.

23. Can’t wait for the crossover.

22. The old rocks could totally be jumped over.

21. An Evil Kermit cameo.

20. When did this game get so dark.

19. Too true.

18. Alola version of an old meme.

17. Thank you, evolution.

16. Finally, some realistic gameplay.

15. When Pokémon imitates meme art.

14. Turns out Mimiyuki is a savage.

13. “The pokedex entries in sun and moon are WILD

12. The more you know.

11. First world problems.

10. Hell no.

9. “I ruined this man’s life by beating him in a pokemon battle

8. We’ve gone through this so many times Nebby.

7. Pokémon are part of a balanced breakfast.

6. Very factual.


4. Litten’s totally fine with this.

3. Our thoughts exactly.

2. Sound about right.

1. Mom knows what’s good.

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