'Jurassic World 2' Will Follow Stolen Dino Embryos


Disgraced scientist character Dr. Henry Wu (B.D. Wong) exited Jurassic World with a bunch of random dinosaur embryos in tow, leaving their fate to be addressed in the inevitable follow-up. And now that looks to be the case for new Director J.A. Bayona’s as yet untitled sequel.

We’ve previously heard vague details about how the new movie will be a “parable about animal rights,” but now Executive Producer Frank Marshall has given the first confirmation about what the plot of the upcoming movie could be about, and it looks like they’re on the right track.

Marshall gave a soundbite to Cinema Blend, seemingly confirming that the sequel will be about those missing embryos, saying: “When they take off in helicopters, you know they’re probably going to come back.”

At once this seems to either verify that Wong’s character is going to return to the fold after high-tailing it off the island when things (once again) went to shit. Or maybe Marshall specifically means the dino embryos themselves will come to the fore without Wu — or both.

Either way, this plot cliffhanger was ripe for the taking in terms of where the sequel was headed, and it’s good that they’re capitalizing on such a logical follow-up move. They won’t abandon what is most interesting in a narrative sense like, say, when Dennis Nedry lost the embryos before becoming Dilophosaurus dinner in Steven Spielberg’s original Jurassic Park, and those embryos were never addressed in the subsequent sequels.

The possibility of Wu returning is also fascinating beyond the fact that he’ll be the first returning character to make an appearance in three Jurassic movies. He links the new series to the first film, and also mirrors the way Wu was a bit of a major character in author Michael Crichton’s original novel.

The difference would be that Wu is now positioned as the villain. In Jurassic Park he was a simple InGen scientist who helped recreate dinosaurs, but in Jurassic World he was a sort of mad scientist still working for InGen who was developing mutated dinosaurs for potential military purposes. And now, with the only viable dinosaur embryos left, it seems Wu and what he’s carrying will be a great MacGuffin.

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