Don't Expect to See Any Lightsabers in 'Rogue One'

Rogue One: Star Wars Story may have kyber crystals, Force sensitivity, and Darth Vader, but don’t expect to hear the whoosh of a lightsaber in the new standalone pseudo-prequel film.

More details have emerged about Rogue One from the upcoming January issue of Empire, including the news that not one character will use a lightsaber at any point during the film, nor is the characteristic “hum” of the energy blade heard.

Director Gareth Edwards previously said that there’s no magic or superpowers in the film, and that the characters are all ordinary people … except for Darth Vader, of course. But it looks like he won’t be wielding his lightsaber this time around, or any of his other Jedi powers.

That means we probably won’t be discovering that Jyn Erso has secret Jedi powers, even though we see her mother telling her to “Trust the Force” in a recent trailer.

It also means the kyber crystals, which are normally used to power lightsabers, will only be mined and exploited to power the Death Star laser. Although that’s not really surprising, considering this movie is set years after “Order 66” took place. In any case, at least we’ve still got Rey.

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