Zygon Shapeshifters Might Invade 'Doctor Who' Season 10


A huge chunk of the human population are still secretly alien Zygons, and those shapeshifting, sucker-handed monsters could reveal themselves again in the next season of Doctor Who.

Last seen in the ninth season two-parter “The Zygon Invasion” & “The Zygon Inversion,” an uneasy peace is kept between Zygons pretending to be humans and the human race. After a close call, the Doctor convinced the Zygons to keep up appearances and remain in their human guises, pretty much indefinitely. Notably, this is the second time in just a few years that the Doctor had to talk the Zygons down from destroying the human race, the previous incident being “The Day of the Doctor,” in which the ton of Zygons were forced into hiding to begin with. Could it all start up again next season?

The hiring of a certain Doctor Who director has led some fans to think so. Daniel Netthein directed both of the Zygon episodes last year, making it a possibility that whatever Who episodes he directs in Season 10 could also see the return of the Zygons.

A Zygon in its natural form


After all, Netthein has experience with directing all those suckers and teeth before. And even if his episode didn’t specifically claim it was going to be lousy with Zygons, how would anyone know for sure? They’re shapeshifters, remember? At the end of “The Zygon Inversion,” even the two people known as “Osgood” didn’t reveal to the Doctor which one was human and which one was Zygon, or if both were Zygons! (One of them has to be a Zygon, since there can’t be two human Osgoods, can there?) Still, if the Zygons come back, then Osgood definitely returns too, which is a huge win for all Doctor Who fans everywhere. Will she still rock the giant scarf, or will she and her “twin” be subtly cosplaying different versions of the Time Lord?

Doctor Who returns for one episode on Christmas and then for a full season in the spring of 2017.

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