Meet Moroff, the New Rebel Mercenary in 'Rogue One'


Cassian Andor, Chirrut Îmwe, Bodhi Rook, and Baze Malbus are the main squad that will help Jyn Erso steal the plans to the Death Star in the upcoming standalone Star Wars movie Rogue One, but they’re not going to be able to do it all on their own. In true Star Wars fashion, the new movie will also feature a bevy of supporting characters from all over the galaxy far, far away. We’ve seen snippets of the different aliens that will show up, but now we have official word from the Star Wars Databank about a handful of the main Rebel allies that will fight the Empire in the movie’s big end battle on Scarif.

First up is Moroff, the woolly beast packing some serious heat who was first glimpsed in the Celebration Reel and then revealed in a series of digital trading cards in October. Here’s his official description:

Moroff seeks out combat zones in the galaxy to sell his brawn and firepower to anyone who might need it. Not interested in the details of the Empire versus rebels conflict, the mighty Gigoran mercenary figures there’s money to be made for a towering heavy gunner of great strength.

The quick glimpse of Moroff from the 'Star Wars' Celebration Reel for 'Rogue One'.


What’s surprising is that this cuddly dude is a mercenary who goes where the money takes him. Does that mean we’ll see him double cross the fledgling Rebels to make some serious Imperial bank when he needs it the most?

Pao in the thick of the battle on Scarif in 'Rogue One'.


Next is Pao, another alien warrior who featured in some leaked materials in May and the #GoRogue toy campaign. Here’s the official word on what to expect from this froggy fighter:

An amphibious Drabata, the fierce commando Pao charges into battle with the Empire while shouting a full-throated battle cry of “Sa´kalla!” as is his custom. He joins the Rogue One team on its historic mission to secure the Death Star plans.

This fierce little guy will be one to watch during the climactic battle, though he’ll probably be kicking ass in the background instead of heavily involved in the main action. Maybe he’ll get a hero moment that’ll have audiences screaming “Sa´kalla!” too.

This angry little critter is in the fight for all the right reasons. 


Lastly is Bistan, the furry gunner who needs to seriously pluck those eyebrows. He seems like he’s a hot-headed wildcard supporting the Rebels, but his fighting skills should be a memorable addition to the Scarif attack. He’s altruistic, but also kind of nuts:

The efforts of the Rebellion have drawn warriors from across the galaxy, fighting to liberate their homes and free their people from the oppression of the Empire. Though Bistan wants to ensure the freedom of fellow lakaru, truth is, he’d rather fight no matter what, relishing the thrill of action.

We’ll inevitably see this guy behind the guns of a U-wing or some other kind of Rebel Alliance craft, but something tells us he probably won’t survive the Imperial counter-attack.

Find out when Rogue One hist theaters in December 16.

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