Wolverine Mourns Every Dead Mutant in New 'Logan' Photo

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When Wolverine speaks with Professor X in the Logan trailer, he’s sad to explain to the former leader of the X-Men that, “mutants, they’re gone now.” Judging by the fact that Wolverine spends a lot of time in graveyards during the movie trailer, it’s safe to assume he’s had to bury some of these mutants himself, and based on a new production photo, this takes a toll on him.

By now, the Instagram account for Logan is set to release the whole film in black-and-white photographs, but until then, there’s yet another new photo to obsess over until Logan’s 2017 release date. The new photo fits in with scenes from the trailer where Hugh Jackman’s Logan drinks whiskey in the rain while attending probably yet another funeral for one of his former mutant compatriots. Presumably, the photo takes place after one of these funeral masses since all Logan is really doing is sitting in the dark by himself, brooding.

In the original Old Man Logan comics, it was revealed that Wolverine killed all the mutants living in the X-Mansion when Mysterio put him under an illusion that caused Wolverine to see all the other mutants as enemies. Distraught by his actions, Wolverine tries to kill himself by jumping in front of a train. Failing to die, he wanders off alone in the new, supervillain-controlled alternate universe.

It’s unlikely this is the reason for the lack of mutants in Logan however, since Mysterio is a Spider-Man villain not-yet introduced into the Fox X-Men cinematic continuity. That doesn’t mean Logan won’t have something to do with the death of the other mutants however, since Professor X asks him what he has done.

It certainly wouldn’t be the first time an extinction-level event hit the X-Men. In X-Men: Days of Future Past, the Sentinels are successful in hunting down and exterminating most of the mutants. While the X-Men managed to stop them by the end of the film, the timeline in the X-Universe is still very much a mystery, meaning Logan could very well take place in an alternate universe where the Sentinels were never stopped, or where some other threat took their place.

Either way, the mutants in Logan are very much dead, and Wolverine, as the sole surviving member of the X-Men, surely must have dealt with their deaths, which is even more painful considering they all came back to life at the end of Days of Future Past, including Jean Grey, who Wolverine has seen die one too many times already.

Logan hits theaters March 3, 2017.

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