'Rogue One' Is Building to a Huge Space Battle for the Shield Gate


The X-wing squadrons in the climactic battle of Rogue One will only have one thing on their mind: Destroy the Shield Gate.

The circular space station that only recently popped up in a bevy of international trailers came out of nowhere without much explanation, but Entertainment Weekly broke the news that it isn’t an in-orbit construction site for the Death Star at all, but instead is the focal point of a planet-wide shield generator floating above the planet Scarif.

The tropical planet is a top secret military instillation for the Imperial war machine, so it’s obvious that the Empire would want to protect the epicenter of their oppressive strength at all costs. To make sure no pesky Rebels get through, the Empire built an entire force field around the planet to fend off attacks. But, like anybody who saw A New Hope or Return of the Jedi knows, the Empire’s imposing military gadgets are strong except for the few simple design flaws. Destroy the so-called Shield Gate, and it’s like opening the floodgates into the planet’s atmosphere.

The Rebels attack the Shield Gate in the climactic battle of 'Rogue One.'


The Rebel battle plan must involve blowing up the Shield Gate so Jyn and her squad can drop ship on the planet’s surface to try and find the hidden Death Star plans. Meanwhile, other Rebel commandos can do their best to upset the Imperial troops to buy Jyn some time.

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