These Netflix Secret Codes WIll Ease the Post-Election Blues


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It might take more than the best Joe Biden memes the internet has to offer to accept that the 2016 presidential campaign has ended — even for Trump supporters who won, but have no more rallies to attend.

The unofficial Netflix online global search (UNoGS) tool is here to help people fill the void once filled with wall-to-wall cable news. Even if you already know how to use the site to find hidden gems, these tips will help you navigate UNoGS to cope with your post-election blues.


Relive your childhood by excluding new movies from your search.

UNoGS can filter results by a film’s release date. Just drag the sliders to pick an acceptable range — do you identify more with the ‘60s or the ‘90s? — and let the site resurface the movies you watched in your youth. What batter way to leave the worries of 2016 behind than to relive the ‘80s with Hairspray or reminisce over the early aughts by watching High School Musical for the umpteenth time?


Get political to remember it can always get worse.

A little perspective never hurt anyone, which means exploring oddly specific genres to find political thrillers, comedies, and documentaries can offer some context to this year’s problems. Combine these genres with the release date tool, and you can also use these films to find out what filmmakers and moviegoers had on their minds when the presidential elections of the past came to a close.


Or find solace in the many stand-up comedy specials instead.

If you aren’t ready to add even more political anxiety to your life, however, you can just lose yourself in Netflix’s stand-up comedy specials. Playing with the UnoGS ratings filter can help you separate more existential comedy (which is more likely to be rated higher by critics at Rotten Tomatoes) from the everyman humor that gets five-starred by everyone who bothers to rate what they watch on Netflix.


Lose yourself in the “What’s new?” section.

Maybe you want to feel better about the present instead of living in the past. The “What’s New?” section will let you do just that by combing Netflix’s catalog for the latest releases. Now you don’t have to trust Netflix’s “new releases” section — which never seems to actually have the newest videos — to find something new to watch.


Pretend you live somewhere else.

UNoGS doesn’t just break genres down into comedies, political thrillers, and the like. It also separates videos based on their place of origin, from Bollywood films to Nordic TV shows, so you can forget you live in the United States. You can also see what’s available in other countries, even though there’s definitely no way for you to trick Netflix about where you are. (Wink.)

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