Valiant's First TV Show 'Dr. Mirage' To Commune With Ghosts

Valiant Comics

The CW is looking to add another comic book series to its already impressive line-up, this time through a deal with comic publisher Valiant. Dr. Mirage, a dark graphic novel about a doctor who can speak with ghosts would be Valiant and DMG Entertainment’s first television project, and one that would raise the company’s public profile.

The most recent comics were released under the title, The Death-Defying Dr. Mirage and starring Shan-Fong Mirage, a woman with a unique connection to the afterlife. She and her husband Hweng would travel the globe solving Holmesian type mysteries that would usually involve ghosts. Dr. Mirage, whose name is earned thanks to her PhD, could commune with the dead and deal with all sorts of supernatural complications. While the television adaptation has just recently been announced by Deadline, it would be pretty interesting if CW kept the Gothic horror/Victorian mystery atmosphere of the Valiant comic books.

If this sounds familiar, it’s perhaps because the concept of a woman detective dealing with the afterlife overlaps with the CW’s other, non-DC comic book show, iZombie. However, where the two diverge is tone.

Whereas iZombie feels vibrant and steeped in pop-art, Doctor Mirage has a darker edge. When Mirage’s husband died, she summoned his spirit, thereby getting a ghost husband only she can see and talk to, which is a pretty cool plot point, if it weren’t also tragic.

Doctor Mirage is being written by Gary Dauberman, the writer behind the haunted doll film Annabelle. This looks like a good first move as the premise for Doctor Mirage definitely leans towards more serious horror, especially compared to the CW’s other comic book shows like Arrow or The Flash.

No date has been revealed for when audiences might start seeing Doctor Mirage on TV, but it sounds like this show should be on the radar for people interested in some more classical horror stories on their weekly TV schedule.