Deadpool Still Totally, Creepily Obsessed With Spider-Man

Cover for Marvel's Deadpool #22

Step aside Cable, because the Deadpool/Spider-Man lovefest can’t be stopped. Not when the two are hanging out playing Overwatch together or having a hybrid SpiderPool murder child together. Oh yeah, that’s canon. Now, Deadpool is even carrying out illegal acts of vigilantism in Spider-Man’s name while wearing his costume.

This isn’t the first time Wade Wilson has dressed up as Spider-Man, having once taken over for Peter Parker when Spidey went missing. However, his continuous insistence on wearing the Spider-Man outfit is bordering on obsession. Although, since Spider-Man is such a positive influence on Wade’s life, that might not be such a bad thing. However, robbing a mob-run horse racing bookie, and the usual Deadpool murder and mayhem definitely goes against the whole “Spider-Man”-ethos. Doing all of that while also butchering the Spider-Man theme song just feels like overkill, even from Deadpool. Still, the man just can’t help himself when it comes to his favorite spider-bro.

Panel from Marvel's Deadpool #22
Yeah, mafia dirtbags

Unfortunately, kicking a horse is where most people, even Deadpool, would draw the line of good taste.

Panel from Marvel's Deadpool #22
Poor horse

What’s interesting is the fact that Deadpool stands well on his own, but he’s also a great foil to a variety of characters in the Marvel universe. The current run of Spider-Man/Deadpool is a perfect example of this relationship, but it’s only one in a series of Deadpool team-up comics, like Gambit and Deadpool, Hawkeye vs. Deadpool, and of course, Cable and Deadpool.

Still there’s something charming in particular about the Deadpool/Spider-Man partnership, and considering the fact that Wade has a crush on him just adds fun to the relationship dynamic.

Deadpool #22 is available now in comic book shops and digital retailers.

Media via Matteo Lolli, Tradd Moore, Matt Wilson, Marvel Comics