Deadpool Still Totally, Creepily Obsessed With Spider-Man

Tradd Moore, Matt Wilson, Marvel Comics

Step aside Cable, because the Deadpool/Spider-Man lovefest can’t be stopped. Not when the two are hanging out playing Overwatch together or having a hybrid SpiderPool murder child together. Oh yeah, that’s canon. Now, Deadpool is even carrying out illegal acts of vigilantism in Spider-Man’s name while wearing his costume.

This isn’t the first time Wade Wilson has dressed up as Spider-Man, having once taken over for Peter Parker when Spidey went missing. However, his continuous insistence on wearing the Spider-Man outfit is bordering on obsession. Although, since Spider-Man is such a positive influence on Wade’s life, that might not be such a bad thing. However, robbing a mob-run horse racing bookie, and the usual Deadpool murder and mayhem definitely goes against the whole “Spider-Man”-ethos. Doing all of that while also butchering the Spider-Man theme song just feels like overkill, even from Deadpool. Still, the man just can’t help himself when it comes to his favorite spider-bro.

Yeah, mafia dirtbags

Matteo Lolli

Unfortunately, kicking a horse is where most people, even Deadpool, would draw the line of good taste.

Poor horse

Matteo Lolli

What’s interesting is the fact that Deadpool stands well on his own, but he’s also a great foil to a variety of characters in the Marvel universe. The current run of Spider-Man/Deadpool is a perfect example of this relationship, but it’s only one in a series of Deadpool team-up comics, like Gambit and Deadpool, Hawkeye vs. Deadpool, and of course, Cable and Deadpool.

Still there’s something charming in particular about the Deadpool/Spider-Man partnership, and considering the fact that Wade has a crush on him just adds fun to the relationship dynamic.

Deadpool #22 is available now in comic book shops and digital retailers.

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