DC's R-Rated 'Justice League Dark' Trailer Is Legit Scary

On Tuesday, DC released a trailer for its animated feature film, Justice League Dark, a superheroes vs demons story which includes Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman alongside creepier heroes like Constantine, Swamp Thing, and Deadman.

Like DC’s The Killing Joke, this adventure on DC’s darker side will be R-rated. Although Batman has appeared in R-rated fare before, this will be Superman’s first role in an R-rated film, unless you count the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice “Ultimate Edition.” The trailer depicts some disturbing, mystical-looking imagery, but it’s difficult to imagine the film’s R-rating coming from strong language, unless, of course, Constantine gets into it with Batman.

Justice League Dark marks Constantine’s big return to the DC forefront; his cancelled TV series is still beloved by a specific group of fans, and his partnership with Swamp Thing was a part of Geoff Johns’s Rebirth comic. Other than occasional teases, DC hasn’t committed fully to making Constantine a part of its oeuvre, having him work alongside the Justice League and act in primary storylines, but Justice League Dark looks like a new beginning.

The animated Justice League Dark, due out in 2017, will precede a live-action adaptation directed by Doug Liman (The Bourne Identity, Edge of Tomorrow), and both films will likely attract the same audience.

Watch the full trailer below, and keep an eye out for a crazy fast Hawkgirl appearance.

Justice League Dark will go straight to DVD in 2017.

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