The Queens Will Get Their New Thrones in 'GoT' S7


In Game of Thrones Season 7 there will be a battle between two warring queens, and from the looks of their new thrones, their reigns could not be more different from each other.

A software developer shared some photos from his visit to the Titanic Studios Game of Thrones sets in Belfast. There’s a peek at both Queen Cersei’s updated throne room in the Red Keep, as well as Daenerys’s assumed throne in Dragonstone, where the Targaryens lived for years before being taken over.

For the most part, Queen Cersei’s room looks the same, but there’s one key difference: no more seven-pointed star. This means she’s removing the influence of the Faith of the Seven, which isn’t surprising, considering she destroyed the Faith’s main digs. Instead, Queen Cersei has placed an emblem of the Lannister family above the throne, showing that she cares more about her family line than anyone else in her kingdom.

Watchers on the Wall

On the other hand, Dany’s new Dragonstone throne hints at just how much the Queen of Dragons is different from Queen Cersei. Unlike the Iron Throne, a man-made creation built out of thousands of blades, the Dragonstone throne is literally carved out of the rock formations. It shows how connected Dany is to her home and the people she wants to rule. Queen Cersei is completely cut off from her people (she’s literally sitting on a throne of swords), but Daenerys yearns to be a part of her kingdom. Also digging the silver embellishments on the Dragonstone throne, a friendly reminder that winter’s on the way. Also maybe an Ice Dragon.

Watchers on the Wall

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