J.K. Rowling Suggests Dumbledore is Gay in 'Fantastic Beasts 2'

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We’ve known for a long time that Dumbledore was gay, but we may actually see an openly gay Dumbledore in the sequel to Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. In the past, Albus Dumbledore’s sexuality was never much of a factor in the time that Harry Potter knew him, but it certainly must have had a major impact on his early life.

Dumbledore won’t make an appearance in the first installment of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, but during a press conference for the film, author and screenwriter J.K. Rowling fielded questions about his role in the upcoming sequels and about whether or not we’d see an openly gay Dumbledore in those films.

“You will see Dumbledore as a younger man and quite a troubled man,” Rowling said, while speaking to Variety. “We’ll see him at that formative period of his life.”

With regard to how Dumbledore’s sexuality might factor into later installments of the series, Rowling said suggestively, “watch this space.”

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Rowling’s also clear to point out that this is five-part story and that there’s a lot to explore. Whether or not we’ll see an openly gay Dumbledore in the immediate sequel is still unclear, but we know that Dumbledore’s relationship with Grindelwald prior to the many evils Grindelwald committed across Europe was instrumental in making Dumbledore that man who would later give his life to help Harry Potter defeat Voldemort.

With that in mind, it seems obvious that Dumbledore’s sexuality will be a factor in upcoming films. And if it is, it will be a major step toward making the wizarding world even more inclusive and more reflective of the reality in which we actually live. You know, except for the magic.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them arrives in theaters November 18.

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