Barack Obama and Joe Biden Were the Internet’s Favorite Politicians

We're going to miss them so damn much.

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The internet loves the Obama family. Malia’s IDGAF attitude when she was seen possibly smoking pot at a music festival, Sasha working at a seafood restaurant, and Michelle Obama’s sheer elegance have all captivated the public at one time or another. And of course, Barack himself is just the chillest president the United States has ever had. But it’s the brilliant closeness between Barack and Vice President Joe Biden that has truly captured the hearts of the internet, proving that people love projecting a bit of their own friendships onto the duo.

Over the past couple of years, there have been plenty of memes celebrating the connection between Obama and Biden. The two might have had a rocky start when Biden called Obama the first “clean” African-American candidate back in 2007, but they’ve obviously moved past that. There’s a camaraderie between the president and his right hand man that’s simply palpable in every photo and video of the two of them together. And because they’re both such down dudes, their friendship is endlessly meme-able.

The election of Donald Trump as the next president was upsetting for part of the population, but many took solace with Joe always backing up his buddy Barack. While fans of the pair will be sad to see the two leave the White House, they’ll always have memes.

Looks like the veep’s just as terrified of a Trump administration as those who oppose the reality television star turned commander-in-chief.

Biden will always have Obama’s back.

Even when Obama’s not on the same page:

And can’t be bothered with pranks:

They’ve got their inside jokes:

At least they’ll be leaving office together:

And Obama will always be the president to Biden:

Now, this isn’t the first time that Obama and Biden have sparked a slew of internet jokes. Obama has an entire page on Know Your Memes dedicated to all the times he’s been relevant to online communities. And a picture of Biden sadly looking out a window was one of the best memes of 2014.

The couple are the first president and vice president to live through an internet-obsessed age. So it could be argued that they have been so lovable because they’re the inaugural administration that the internet has had to make memes of. Their bromance makes for great content, and they probably are a bit clued into that. However, it’s unlikely that they’ve presented such a warm friendship simply to get the internet to love them. There’s something just so genuine about seeing them interact with one another.

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Name a more iconic duo — we’ll wait for it.

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