'South Park' Looks to SpaceX to Save Us From the Election

Comedy Central 

The writers of South Park — Trey Parker and Matt Stone — were clearly caught off-guard by Tuesday night’s election results. Wednesday night’s episode, which could be considered the show’s best re-write ever, and it largely focused on Donald Trump’s victory and sexism. Essentially, to escape the post-election turmoil, Cartman embarks on a quest to find humanity’s only hope: SpaceX.

This week’s episode was originally titled “The First Gentleman,” but was changed to “Oh Jeez” just a few hours before it was broadcast. It features a nation in shock and disbelief when Mr. Garrison (who has stood in for Trump all season) upsets Hillary Clinton to win the presidency.

Stan’s dad — Randy Marsh — kicks off the episode by storming into an election night party at the South Park Community Center, packed with residents who are staring at the results in disbelief. “What have you done, you maniacs?” he screams. “This wasn’t supposed to happen.”

Meanwhile, Cartman — who has a steady girlfriend — doesn’t want her to see the disparaging remarks he makes toward women when she’s not looking. He tries to embrace his inner-feminist when she’s around, even consoling her following Clinton’s loss, saying he’s scared for the future.

Except, the real reason he’s worried is because he’s really scared his new girlfriend will dump he when she reads all the woman-bashing emails he’s written to his friend, Butters. To make sure she doesn’t discover them, Cartman proposes they go to Mars where there is no wifi.

The lovebirds embark on a quest to find the only people who can get us to Mars right now, and away from the Troll Trace’s clutches: SpaceX.

“Do you really think there’s hope,” she asks? As they see the aerospace company’s headquarters in the distance.

“Yeah babe, I do,” he responds, as the episode ends.

Elon Musk revealed SpaceX’s plan for sending humans to Mars in September at the International Astronomical Congress, which will take somewhere around a decade to complete. However, the aerospace company says their Dragon capsule can currently land on Mars. So don’t let us down Elon, Cartman is counting on you.