The Battle With Prometheus Heats Up in a Killer 'Arrow' Episode

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For most of this season of Arrow, the terrifying new supervillain, Prometheus, has been a looming threat. But, as his pyrotechnics at the start of this episode — “So It Begins” — showed, things are finally heating up, and we might know who the big bad really is.

Prometheus is killing seemingly random, innocent people. Except, as Oliver discerns, they’re not random at all. The “Throwing Star Killer,” as the press stupidly dubs him, is murdering people who were on the List — a compilation of dirty business people that Oliver’s dad, Robert Queen, thought were ruining the city. It’s quite a throwback, especially as it ties into Oliver’s complicated relationship with killing these days.

Oliver and his team (this episode’s MVP was Artemis) manage to save a victim from Prometheus’s deadly wrath, and there’s a pretty cool train fight. It’s worth noting that the move Green Arrow pulls to escape from the train was also stolen from a Christopher Nolan Batman movie, but we ain’t mad.

The big shock of the hour, however, was the possible reveal of Prometheus’s secret identity. Thea has grown suspicious that Quentin had begun drinking again, and when she confronted him, Quentin admitted that he had never stopped in the first place. He’s been blacking out, it would seem.

That’s a real problem, because Felicity was able to run some tests, and she realized that the throwing stars Prometheus had been using were all made from Oliver’s old arrows. As he learns this, we see Quentin waking up in a confused, panicked haze with a throwing star on his table, and the same cut Artemis gave Prometheus on his arm.

I’d be shocked if there isn’t another twist coming, but this certainly makes the battle between Green Arrow and Prometheus a lot more personal.

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