'Arrow' Totally Stole a Move Out of Batman's Playbook

Warner Bros. 

The new team on the CW’s Arrow is slowly coming together, even if they did spend most of Wednesday night’s episode apart and even fighting at times. But even though by the end they were united and prepping for a mission to rescue one of their own, there was another rescue that was much more exciting: Green Arrow totally copied Batman’s dope Skyhook rescue from The Dark Knight.

Batman, in case you somehow forgot, used a system invented by the CIA that uses a small balloon to catch on to a plane as it sweeps over dangerous terrain, yanking whoever is on the other end of the hardness to safety. The Caped Crusader used Skyhook to extricated a mob businessman from Hong Kong. Green Arrow needed to break an ally out of prison.

In Wednesday’s episode, “Penance,” Oliver elected to go against the wishes of the rest of his team to break John Diggle out of military prison at the request of Lyla. It’s a very, very dangerous mission for Oliver since there’s a very good chance he could be caught and found out if something goes wrong.

A lot does, in fact, go wrong, but our hero manages to get to Diggle and break him out with a spray that just straight-up dissolves matter. (Frankly, they were not being at all careful with that. Wear some safety goggles, man!)

Even though they break out of the prison, the pair soon find themselves surrounded by armed guards. All hope seems lost … until Lyla swoops in to catch them both using a Skyhook system.

It’s certainly not the first time Arrow has, uh, “paid homage” to the Nolan Batman films. But, hey, if it worked for the Dark Knight, it can work for another DC hero too.

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